Travel in Asia Will Never be the Same Again after Covid 19

Global tourism economy is facing a huge health crisis due to Coronavirus.The virus has put the situation in a limbo. There are only two alternatives right now. Either they wait out the virus or they start with caution. The latter has been opted across the globe.

But this choice comes with its own set of consequences. Enthusiasm to travel can’t be curbed and hence the travelers are back with their packed bags with an added covid precaution kit. Asia has started receiving footfall of such enthusiastic travelers.

Bali thrives on tourism as its central part of economy. Hence, it was imperative for the Island to resume tourism as soon as possible. Increasingly, travelers are hopping on the airplane to Bali. Surveys show that Post-Covid travelers to Asia are more conscious about their footprints. They are more aware about sustainable travel.

The travelers now have less impact on the environment. The global pandemic has certainly brought awareness among a lot of tourists to protect the environment. However, a lot of interesting aspects seem to have gone to a point of no return. It is being speculated that the long haul travels that were very cheap might just not come back.

It is being seen that the local tourism will get a boost. The foreign travelers that played a major role in Asia’s travel economy might not be such a big contributor. The Ultra-luxury sector  of the travel industry might just start catering to local tourists.

A lot of tourists too have rediscovered their travel. They would now prefer to travel closer to home to avoid any unforeseen situation. Whatever the case be we all hope that the pandemic is controlled and we roll back to rosy days of travel.


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