The Travel Rush Has Lightened Up This Year During Chinese Lunar New Year

Travel has seemed to have changed in the past year. Not only have various countries issued travel bans, but many people are also afraid of traveling due to the pandemic. Even the busy times of the year have seen slow travel. The Chinese government had aimed to keep people at home and discourage travel. And the plan seemed to have work.

The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 12th this year. Mostly during this season, there is a lot of rush on trains. Migrant workers rush home during the holiday season. It is the only chance they get throughout the year to see their loved ones and spend time with them.

But this year there is no rush during the Chinese New year, and it has something to do with the pandemic. Beijing’s main train station remained quiet because of the less travel rush. Only 5 out of the 15 ticket counters, were open at the main station.

The number of people in the station was also less and scanty. Beijing had tried to discourage people from traveling during the festive season. Their plan is working. Other years during this time of the year, trains are filled up migrant workers but this year it seems the number has trickled down.

Travel is being discouraged by the Chinese government and rightfully so. It is smart to avoid travel during a worldwide pandemic. China has kept their numbers a secret, and it is still unknown how many Chinese citizens have been lost to the virus.


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