The Failing of the Asian Travel Bubble Idea may mean No Winter Vacation for Americans

Americans who had planned their vacations after hearing the exciting Asian Travel bubbles idea may be disappointed that they will have to spend their time at home. Those who had dreamed of traveling to the Phi Phi Islands, Tiger’s Nest Temple, Siem Reap, Ha Long Bay, Ko Pha-ngan, to beat the winter blues are out of luck. The virus has made a habit of rearing its ugly head at the best of times.

When Asia was gearing up for the travel bubble idea, it had many locations in mind. However, now that the virus is hitting unsuspecting parts of the world, staying home seems like a smart idea. The governments are afraid to move beyond the discussion phase of the travel bubbles.

Mario Hardy, CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), has said to CNN that while people may assume that the travel bubble is easy to create, it is hard to implement. Many countries have banned travel for the rest of the year, Bali has decided against international travel.

As America has many coronavirus cases, Americans are unlikely to be allowed to any Asian countries just yet. Even if they are allowed, they will have to follow a 14 day quarantine period before they could actually travel in the said country.

Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia are highly dependent on tourism for its economy. And a complete ban on international tourism throughout the year is going to hit these countries hard. Even if there have been lifting of some travel ban rules and restrictions, the rules strictly apply to only business travelers and foreign residents. Travel isn’t allowed for tourists.


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