Singapore is Expected to Become the Favorite Travel Destination Post Lockdown

As the world starts dealing with Post Lockdown time, everyone is keen on the state of reopening of travel. As the travel restrictions start easing, people have started making their itinerary for travel. For Indians, Singapore is seen as the most favorite travel destination.

Surprisingly, for people living in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, the favorite travel destination is again Singapore. Survey reveals that 77 percent of Indians are keen to travel post- lockdown.

Forty six percent of Filipinos are keen on traveling. For people in Hong Kong this percentage is forty seven percent. While that for Indonesians and Thais is sixty and seventy percent respectively.

These results were found in a survey conducted by Dynata, Language connect and Blackbox research. The total number of people who participated in the survey is more than 10,000. This research universe consisted of people from 17 countries.

Research also found that Singaporeans are quite excited about local tourism to rise. Over 93 percent of people in Singapore trust tourism as one of the major industries of the country. More than 57 percent of people expressed satisfaction towards their tourism board.

Talking about the world, the research showed that truly our business travels are going to change.One out of every five respondents said that they’d like to reconsider their business travels post lockdown.

According to COO of Blackbox research Saurabh Sardana, the response about travel has been positive. In this post lockdown world, making travelers trust the facilities and providing health hygiene would play a key part.


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