Rajasthan tourism cancels Gangaur festivities; no Ghevar for celebrations this year

In view of the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak in India and the world, Rajasthan Tourism has now cancelled all the festive celebrations scheduled to be held in March. Tourism Director Bhanwar Lal told the press that this program has been cancelled to check the transmission of COVID-19.

The whole of Rajasthan, including Jaipur, will remain shut till March 31, except essential services, in line with the order passed by the central government for a total lockdown.

According to the news reports, no cultural program will be organised by the tourism department this month.

During this time, Gangaur festivities feature devotees organising a procession of presiding gods of the festival from City Palace. The procession comprises a number of traditional programs conducted by the Department of Tourism. Not only the locals, but even foreign tourists join this vibrant procession.

At the same time, dessert lovers who had been eagerly waiting to relish Ghevar of Rajasthan during the upcoming Gangaur festivities will be disappointed due to the closure of markets and sweet shops. In fact, for the first time in many years, devotees won’t be able to offer Ghevar to Gangaur Devi during worship. To ensure the common man stays safe from the transmission of the novel virus, all the shops during Gangaur festival and other festivals will remain non-operational.

On Sunday, March 22, all activities across Jaipur came to a halt as people restricted themselves to their homes in obedience to the Janta Curfew. Yet, the local women and the newlyweds continued their daily worship to the deities Gauri and Shiva by waking up early in the morning. They even prayed for fast relief from Coronavirus.

Gangaur worship starts after Holi, and continues till the third day of Chaitra Navratri.


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