Online Travel Companies form an Association for Asia’s Economic Recovery

The Asia Travel Technology Industry Association (ATTIA) has been formed by online travel companies to encourage cooperation between governments and the travel industry. The association includes online travel companies like Agoda, Airbnb, and Expedia Group. They are aiming to bridge the gap of communication between governments and travel providers so that they can create a consistent cross-border travel protocol for Asia-Pacific’s tourism recovery.

The chairperson of ATTIA is Ang Choo Pin who has released a statement from the association. The statement states that the movement of people is important to kick-start tourism and regional economies. ATTIA is saying that the Asian region is ready to lead the world by rejuvenating the travel economy post Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus has brought uncertain and inconsistent times for all and the travel industry has been majorly hit by the same. There are various pre-travel and arrival protocols with health and hygiene expectations across borders making it difficult for the industry to plan forward and ramp up quickly. ATTIA wants to work with the governments to draft out a framework according to which the cross border travel flow in the region can be simplified so that neither the government, industry or the travelers face any challenges.

Before the pandemic hit the world, according to the 2019 data, Asia Pacific was listed as the fastest growing region for travel. Asia’s economy relies a lot on travel and tourism especially now it will be needed to boost the economy. 10 percent of Asia-Pacific’s collective GDP comes from Travel and tourism and it is growing by more than 5 percent every year.


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