In Its last quarter, Jet Airways flew less international passengers than GoAir

Marketing Experts From Around The World Form The Worldwide Travel Alliance (WTA)

Marketing travel experts from around the world came together to form the Worldwide Travel Alliance also known as the WTA. Six leading sales and marketing experts based in the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Thailand have formed the WTA to help the travel industry with the post-COVID market.

The six marketing and sales experts are Andrea Hogg of Wendum Travel Services (UK); May Kamya of Eastern Favourites (Germany); Anabela Dos Santos of ADS Consulting (France); Elena Vetrova of Travel Media (Russia, Ukraine, CIS, and the Baltic States); and Ken Scott and Anchalee Sriwongsa of ScottAsia Communications (UK and Thailand).

All of them have extensive knowledge in the travel field. After the pandemic, it has become necessary for the travel industry to pick up. 2020 has been a slump and many travel brands are now picking up from 2021. WTA is all about helping travel brands find their way in the post – COVID-19 market. The team has intensive in-market expertise in B2B sales, roadshows, virtual and physical event representation. Moreover, they are also pros at media relations, fam trip organization, publicity, and digital content creation.

The WTA is a way to help the travel industry get back on its feet. Andrea Hogg one of the six members of WTA said that last year has been traumatic for all markets, even travel. WTA’s goal is to help them create a business from important source markets. In 2021 many travel businesses will be looking for opportunities to increase their sales, WTA will help them do it and find new markets.

Kamya, who is also a member of WTA said that even though most of the travel depends on the vaccine roll-out, people are impatiently waiting to travel again after being denied to travel for almost a year.


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