India Extends International Air Travel Restrictions Amid Virus Mutation

Coronavirus has pushed nations to shut their borders for safety. Since the outbreak, flight structure to and from India has also changed greatly. The discovery of new coronavirus strain has altered the relaxation plans of international flights.

Now, India has announced new dates for relaxation. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) made fresh announcements about flights from the United Kingdom. For now, these flights remain suspended till January 7. This announcement came on December 30 and no new communication has come on any change in the matter.

Earlier, all scheduled commercial International flights were to resume after December 31. Now, this too has changed. The new date of resuming International flights according to DGCA is only after January 31, 2021.

However, there will be some relaxation on this and flights may be allowed on cas-to-case basis. The decision on permitting the flights will be reserved by the concerned authority.

There is some relief for cargo operations as these restrictions do not apply for them. They are only for commercial travel. This indicates a lesser impact on business with the move.

The new decisions have come in wake of the resurgence of COVID positive cases in the country. The new strain of the virus has been a matter of worry for all the countries. The flights from the UK will be operative after January 7 but they will be strictly monitored and regulated. The decisions on their operations remain on the status of virus.

Currently India is operating international flights with its own bubble of 24 nations. This bubble started in July 2020 and has been operational since. The UK was a part of this bubble but it has been temporarily removed.


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