Hong Kong Wants to Travel to the Mainland China

The launch of a healthy ode system is being waited for by the HongKong government with bated breath as this will let people travel to the mainland without getting quarantined. The city has been successful in identifying the imported cases but it will be difficult for them to have zero cases, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam has explained to the central government.

As soon as the epidemic is considered in control it will be possible to carry out travel across the border with mainland China. It will have certain conditions viz. launch of a health code system, use of negative test certificates and a cap on the number of travellers who can travel at a given point. She also shared that the number of local infections are being closely monitored everyday.

If the Hong Kong- Guangdong border is opened then the HonKong Macau travel would also be resumed. According to mainland China’s standard, a region that hasn’t recorded any case for 14 consecutive days can be referred to as a low risk region and a single case would make it a medium-risk region.

Friday and Saturday saw 21 cases being identified that comprised 19 imported cases and two local cases with known sources. On Sunday, according to the Center for Health Protection in total, 15 cases were recorded, which included 14 imported cases and one local infection, all within 24 hours. The local case was linked to a previous case, thus it was the 3rd day that no fresh local infection case was recorded in Hong Kong.


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