Gulf Air To Launch Flights Between Manama And Tel Aviv

Travel may have slackened due to the pandemic. But in the coming year, things are going to be a lot different. People will take more flights, and many travel experts are calling it revenge travel for being stuck at home for so long. Travelers of Israel and Bahrain will be having to know that Gulf Air will be launching flights from Manama to Tel Aviv.

In recent news, it was found that Gulf Air and EL AL Airlines have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). During an official visit from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the State of Israel, MOU was signed that follows the announcement of peace between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Israel.

But it isn’t just the peace we are talking about. The MOU also announced that Gulf Air would launch two direct flights per week between Manama and Tel Aviv, starting 7 January 2021, and subject to government approvals. The news has brought to an end the tension between two countries that have been in a tug of war for a long.

H.E. Mr. Zayed R. Alzayani, Chairman of Gulf Air’s Board of Directors, expressed his support for the move. He said that being the national carrier for the Kingdom Of Bahrain, Gulf Air takes massive pride in bringing peace and prosperity to the region. Not only did Gulf Air have something to say, Mr. David Brodet, Chairman of EL AL Airlines’ Board of Directors, said that they are excited about the upcoming adventures. David said he is looking forward to visiting Bahrain.


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