Go-To Campaign of Japan meets Strong Criticism from Tokyo Residents

Go To Travel campaign of Japanese government promised to revive the economy that has been ravaged by the corona virus pandemic. Tokyo has received a double blow under the campaign. Its residents have been cut off from the promised travel subsidies. Thus the businesses will have to go through more problems as less tourists reach them.

The campaign has already begun and plans to promote domestic travel by offering discount vouchers to boost the tourism industry. The time is chosen as there is a four-day holiday weekend. This program will not benefit the Tokyo residents at all as the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government has decided to remove Tokyo residents from it.

This decision came after the daily confirmed corona virus infection cases hit records in the capital. This sent everyone into panic and stoked worries about how the plan could add to the spreading of the virus.

The decision has angered the highest tax paying residents of the country. Tokyo residents pay the biggest share of income taxes of any Japanese region, and still they will not be receiving any travel subsidies, which has put them in anger mode. They are now raising questions about the legality of their exclusion as their businesses have been cancelled and they have left to stand still. The government response to the whole reaction is muddled and people are not taking it well.

The increase in the cases of Covid-19 patients has left the government in crisis too. They have challenges to face ahead to resurrect the economy. The government steps are being met with mixed reactions from the residents. They feel the government is just taking missteps and doing more harm than good.

As the public criticism increased, the Transport Minister Kazuyoshi Akaba has announced that the government will pay for cancellation fees for trips to and from Tokyo booked between July 10 and July 17.


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