FBI might be using Sabre’s Travel Records to Monitor Suspects

The Intelligence boards across countries employ various methods and tools to track criminal suspects. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation also does the same to de-anonymize and track the criminal suspects. It is not limited to the spy programs always.

Reports say the FBI uses Sabre, the public, multi-billion-dollar travel technology company, to track the suspects. The company is established by the American Airlines. It came into existence in the 60s. But now it is an independent company.

The travel giant, Sabre, has been maintaining the database of records relation to the travel industry. The company processes over a third of all air bookings and has the biggest global distribution system. They have a database of the travels, from airline itineraries and hotel bookings to rental cars making them the largest travel data holder in the world.

The FBI has supposedly called the company on many occasions to get travel records of their targets. Using the information they have tracked the movements of their suspects who have been involved in both major and minor criminal cases. The company’s records played a major role in retracing the paths of 9/11 hijackers.

Sabre has avoided commenting on its tracking work for the FBI and the US government but has confirmed that “this would be incredibly disturbing and raise major questions around snooping operations by the American government”. Sabre not only holds the data of US travelers but also other travelers from other countries including India.


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