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Experts Feel that Asia Travel Market is Recovering Faster Than The West

Global Pandemic has hard hit the travel market across the globe. Both governments and travelers were skeptical about the industry. Now with the lockdowns easing and people adapting to the new normal, the travel industry is also sliding back to normal. But it seems that Asians are most comfortable traveling at these times.

John Brown, travel firm Agoda’s Chief Executive, feels that Asia is leading when it comes to travel.They are leading across the world. According to Brown, places like Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan have restarted travel most comfortably and travelers are also not shying away from stepping out. The focus on travel so far has been more on domestic. According to John Hopkins University, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam have been extremely successful so far in containing the spread of coronavirus.

According to Brown,  Even in the US and Europe there are a few places where domestic travel has seen a rise regardless of the increase in infected cases. The focus is on Asia about how this domestic travel will be handled and will it translate to international ones soon while containing the spread of the virus. A lot of travelers are eyeing on the bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong. People are waiting for travel to resume between the two.

It may be noted that travel between these two locations was about to begin on Sunday. But following the unfortunate rise in cases in Hong Kong, authorities have suspended the travel for another two weeks. As of now, the world is still battling with the coronavirus pandemic.What is important at the moment is that even with these domestic travels people must abide by the COVID norms to contain the spread.


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