Coronavirus brings Mumbai to a halt; dabbawallas stop service

While Mumbai is better known as the city that never stops, COVID-19 is bringing it to a halt, albeit slower than it should be. Mumbai local trains, the lifelines of this metropolis, that are usually bustling with people, are seeing lesser commuters. Similarly, the outbreak of Coronavirus has also hit the phenomenon that is the dabbawallas of Mumbai.

The dabbwallas are famous for their remarkably, efficient lunch-hour service across the city, and have been serving Mumbaikars since 1890. Reportedly, they take care of delivering food to around 2 lakh Mumbaikars every day. They are also seen as the face of the resilience that the city is known for; quite known for braivng the infamous Mumbai monsoons every year. Now, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, the service has also been put to a stop. Reportedly, the dabbawallas of Mumbai will not be delivering food till March 31.

Maharashtra administration has urged people to put stop to all nonessential travel, and has advised its citizens to stay and work from home. Following the orders, the famous Fashion Street of Mumbai has also shut down; it is home to more than 500 outlets and is a prime hub for shoppers in South Mumbai. Bollywood, the Hindi film industry that is largely based in Mumbai, has also come to a halt, with a number of film shoots and events postponed.

It has to be noted that Maharashtra has the highest number of positive Coronavirus cases in India, with its current figure hovering at 52. India currently has 195 positive cases; the death toll in India stands at 4 for now. The death toll around the world from the pandemic has crossed the figure of 10000, with 245749 suffering from the infection.


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