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Asia-Pacific Countries Looking At Easing Travel Restrictions To Revive Economy

Singapore, Australia, Japan and Thailand, the major Asia-Pacific countries are moving towards slowly easing the travel restrictions as a major economy portion depends on travel and tourism. With tourists coming to the countries for travel will increase the chance to revive their economy. International travel has been restricted due to the pandemic. It might not be full fledged travel relaxation but some of the travel restrictions will be eased out.

During the pandemic as the borders have been closed, the passenger rate has come down by 97 percent thus collapsing the International travel in Asia, the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines has shared. The rising case numbers though are leading to construction of fresh restrictions the European Union countries have agreed to make a common ‘traffic light system; that will act as a guide to COVID-19 testing or quarantines on EU tourists.

Asia is looking at easing the restrictions but not completely on a bilateral basis. The deals have limited hope for the airlines and the tourism industry as there are few people who are willing to travel as the testing and insurance requirements are stricter now. Some cases need to be quarantined at home so even though the restrictions ease out there will be different limitations.

A Singapore-Indonesia deal was announced this week that allows essential business and official travel  after the applications are studied and all the COVID-19 swab tests both before and after travel are completed. Similar agreements have been developed by Singapore with China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia. They have also opened unilaterally to general visitors from New Zealand, Brunei, Vietnam and Australia.


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